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RFT213469 - Riparian Planting and Bush Trimming along 2.6km stretch of the Dresnagh River Riparian Planting and Bush Trimming along 2.6km stretch of the Dresnagh River from the river's confluence with the Finn upstream consisting of 5,114m of fencing of various specs including sheep wire, electric fencing and horizontal barb. 19 stiles and 35 unigates will be installed at specific locations along the fence as will 28 solar powered pumps (of two different specs) and 73 eighty gallon twin reservoir troughs. An area instream containing high silt deposits approximately 209 metres squared at the confluence to the main Finn must be cleaned out to allow better access upstream also. Link to the relevant documents is contained in the attachment 09/05/2022 Link 09.05.22.doc
Tender Oppportunity - AMH (Action Mental Health) Mobile Application for the OUR Generation Project PEACEIV / SEUPB OUR Generation is a PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body, with match-funding from The Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland. The Project will run to April 2023 and will engage with 36,000 children, young people and their key contacts. AMH, as Lead Partner of the OG Project, wish to appoint a competent supplier to develop a mobile or web application of gamified content which will help children and young people build peace through improved emotional resilience. The app will be based upon 7 thematic indicators which form the basis of the OG evaluation framework and it will be split into two separate versions, for ages of 5-11 and 11-18. The games within each version will be different in terms of style, function, design and language but will follow a similar structure. OUR Generation has held workshops with children and young people to gain an understanding of these differences. Conclusions of this workshopping will be provided to the successful bidder upon Contract Award. The gamification of elements of existing OG programmes will be central to the application content. Hosting and maintenance of the app until June 2024 is also included in this tender. The application process for this award is being managed through and full details, including Specification of Requirements and Tender Response Document can be accessed through the link in the attached document. 06/05/2022 link to tender application.docx
RFT 211064 - IVA5058/6 - Arney River Phase 3 - Riparian works along the bank of the Arney River CatchmentCARE is a five year INTERREG funded project, managed through the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) taking place across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Inland Fisheries Ireland wishes to hire a suitably qualified contractor to complete the works as outlined in the link attached. Project must completed no later than 19th August 2022. 06/05/2022 Link 06.05.22.doc
InterTradeIreland/Translink - Meet the Buyer event 22nd June 2022 InterTradeIreland is delighted to team up once again with Translink to deliver our unique Meet the Buyer event, on Wednesday 22nd June at Titanic Belfast, where suppliers can make game-changing connections through 1-2-1 meetings with Translink’s key decision makers, as well as a number of its primary contractors. Come and hear how to access contracts and frameworks valued at £60m+ over the next 12-18 months across all Translink business functions. Further information is available in the attached flyer. This is a free event and you can register by copying and pasting this link into your browser 27/04/2022 00798-07 ITI MTB Translink Flyer v4.pdf
212609 Riparian Planting and Fencing - Riparian Planting and Fencing along 3,670m stretch of the Upper Reelin Loughs Agency / Ghníomhaireacht na Lochanna /Factrie fur Loughs Riparian Planting and Fencing along 3,670m stretch of the Upper Reelin consisting of 5,110m of fencing and planting of a mixture of 7,613 trees. 5 stiles and 8 unigates will be installed at specific locations along the fence as will 12 solar powered pumps (of two different specs) and 56 eighty gallon twin reservoir troughs. An area of "High and Dry" gravel approximately 258 metres squared must be regraded back in to the river also. Further information can be found in the attached link. 26/04/2022 Link 26.04.22.doc
Loughs Agency - Riparian Tree Planting, Fencing - Riparian Tree Planting, Fencing and Instream Works on Finn River between bridge at Killygordon and bridge at Liscooley, Finn Catchment, Co. Donegal Riparian Tree Planting, Fencing and Instream Works on Finn River between bridge at Killygordon and bridge at Liscooley, Finn Catchment, Co. Donegal: The works will take place between the bridge at Killygordon and the bridge at Liscooley in the Finn River Catchment, Co. Donegal. The works will include the installation of fencing on both banks of the river between the two bridges. Fencing will be a mix of sheep wire, double strand barbed wire and double strand electrified wire (exact lengths and locations given in Spec of Works document). Tree planting will be carried out in numerous areas along the stretch in the new riparian zone and will consist of a mix of approx. 5,663 native broadleaf trees. Two areas along the southern bank of the works area will require the embankment to be re-inforced with clay/ gravel mix and planted with grass and trees to stabilise. High and dry gravel beds at several locations will be regrading using a riddle bar and woody material will be pinned in the river at 6 locations across the area. Finally, a small footbridge must be removed and replaced with a new structure for use by landowners and anglers to cross a stream at one location. Please see attached document for further information. 11/04/2022 Loughs Agency 11-04-22.docx
Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council - Pre-Market Engagement - Provision of Advice Services Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified organisation to provide comprehensive, accessible and accurate Advice Services throughout the Borough for the period commencing 1st April 2023. It is intended the service will be inclusive, flexible and of a high standard, that will support, inform and enable people to improve their overall quality of life and wellbeing. There is an annual core budget of up to £340,000 per annum available for the provision of Advice Services for a period of three years. Potential providers should be aware this amount will be based on availability of funding and satisfactory performance. From time to time e.g. within the specifics presented by a Covid environment or as part of Welfare reform, additional short term amounts of funding for additional tasks may also be offered within the contract, subject to agreement with Council, the provider and the funder (Dept for Communities). It is intended to host a pre-market engagement event with potential suppliers in order to: • Discuss core requirements with potential suppliers • Explore possible solutions as to how the service may be provided • Stimulate innovation in the design and delivery of the service. The Pre- Market engagement session will take place on Tuesday 26th April from 10:00am until 1:00pm at Craigavon Civic Centre In order to register your place, please contact Mark Slevin ( by Thursday 21st April 2022. 07/04/2022
Northern HSC Trust - Re-establishment of Secondary Provider List – Domiciliary Care Service Provision Due to ongoing service pressures and demands, the Northern HSC Trust is seeking to re-establish a Secondary Provider List for the Provision of Domiciliary Care Services within the Trust Community. If you are a Domiciliary Care Provider and are interested in receiving more information on how to progress onto the list, please confirm your interest by emailing the Commissioning and Contracts Department on :- A member of the Procurement Team will be in touch with you shortly thereafter. Thanking you in advance for you attention and continued commitment to working with the NHSCT. 14/03/2022
Further Information — EA Strategic Partner Services and Schools Management System Solution The Education Authority (EA) has a requirement to procure a Strategic Partner, to provide services including a School Management System (SMS) for Nursery, Primary, Post Primary, Special schools and EOTAS centres. The Strategic Partner will be required to deploy, support and manage a modern architecture, technical infrastructure and secure services for schools. These services will improve the learning experience of our young people, supporting teaching through technology, develop skills for the future and support the EA and its educational stakeholders to improve educational outcomes. EA previously undertook pre-market engagement (in accordance with the Prior Information Notices 2022/S 000-000690 and 2022/S 000-000689, published in Find a Tender) to explain and seek supplier views and feedback on (inter alia) its potential approach to procuring and contracting the Strategic Partner services and SMS solution and services. EA has now decided to procure the Strategic Partner services and SMS solution and services as a single contract. EA will shortly embark on a tender process for this contract via the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation. It is currently anticipated that in addition to the period required to successfully complete the transition of services from the existing supplier to the new supplier, the contract will be for a maximum period of ten (10) years. A PIN was published on 7 March 2022 to inform potential suppliers - on the future requirement. 08/03/2022 SP and SMS - PIN Notice - 006191-2022.pdf
Scoring Social Value in NI Contracts In July 2021 the Northern Ireland Executive published Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 01/21. PPN 01/21 mandates that from 1 June 2022 tenders must allocate a minimum of 10 per cent of the total award criteria to social value. This minimum weighting will apply to services and works procurements at or above the thresholds set out in the Public Contracts Regulations - PPN 01/21 - Scoring Social Value | Department of Finance ( An information session has been developed for suppliers. The information session sets out what social value is and how it will be scored in public sector contracts. The information video can be found here Suppliers - Buy Social NI If you are interested in bidding for public sector construction contracts and would like to find out more about the social value in these contracts you should view the Scoring Social Value in Construction Contracts – Supplier Information Video. If you are interested in bidding for public sector services or IT contracts you should view the Scoring Social Value in Services/IT Contracts – Supplier Information Video. 04/03/2022