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CRU - Tender for provision of Wholesale Electricity Market Forecasting Software Since 1st November 2007, the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (“NIAUR” or “Utility Regulator”) and the Commission for Utility Regulation (“CRU”), together referred to as the “Regulatory Authorities” or “RAs”, have jointly regulated the all-Island wholesale electricity market known as the Single Electricity Market (“SEM”) covering both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The decision-making body which governs the market is the SEM Committee (“SEMC”). Further information on the SEMC’s role and relevant legislation can be found on the website, The Contracting Authorities require modelling software that has an ability to forecast wholesale electricity prices and generator schedules which range from scenario analysis to directly setting forward contracts prices and volumes. The modelling software output can be vital for informing policy decisions through detailed analysis. The RAs invite tenders for the provision of Wholesale Electricity Market Forecasting Software. The tender documents can be found in the link in the attached document, 19/04/2023 Link 19.04.23.doc