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CfT: The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT) Community Safety and Policing Programme in the Carrickfergus and Larne CIT Area

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CPD - Supplies and Services Division
The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT) Community Safety and Policing Programme in the Carrickfergus and Larne CIT Area
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TEO is seeking to appoint a Contractor for the provision of a Community Safety and Policing programme in the Carrickfergus and Larne CIT Area (maps of the designated areas are attached at Annex A of the Specification). The Contractor will design and deliver a Community Safety and Policing programme that facilitate building a resilient community through a participatory community approach, advocating collaboration with statutory, community and voluntary bodies responsible for maintaining safety in our communities, to increase the number of individuals and organisations working to create safe communities and improve the capabilities of those already working to create safe communities. This tender is linked to the Communities in Transition (CIT) Project which had been due to end in June 2021, however the Executive made a commitment within ‘New Decade New Approach’ to continue its delivery with a renewed focus and additional funding up to 31 March 2024. The CIT Project is therefore being delivered in two phases, with Phase 1 to be completed by 30 June 2021 and Phase 2 to be completed by 31 March 2024. Phase 1 of the Project provided a firm foundation for continuing to address the issues that allow Paramilitarism, criminality and coercive control to persist within communities. Phase 2 presents an opportunity to further refine the work as we move forward. This Contract falls under Phase 2 and will support the Department in its overall delivery of the CIT Project. The Contractor’s Community Safety and Policing programme will include the active participation of a cohort of volunteers already recruited to the programme through the Phase 1 intervention. This programme will therefore seek to build upon the experience and learning of the intervention delivered through Phase 1 of the CIT Project, helping to meet the identified needs of the area and taking positive action to address barriers impacting on the community’s access to appropriate support, which can be accessed beyond the life of CIT supported intervention. The Contractor’s Community Safety and Policing programme will incorporate and deliver a number of programme activities, described at paragraph 6.5 of the Specification. Full details of all the requirements for this Contract are provided for within the Specification of Requirements Schedule. The core purpose of this programme is two-fold: • To build trust and understanding between the communities and statutory agencies (primarily response services) with a community safety remit, with the aim of encouraging meaningful relationships so they can work better together to improve community safety; and • To encourage / empower communities to take a proactive role in improving community safety. All activities which the Contractor proposes to carry out must clearly link to the objectives listed above. The Contractor must not be delivering general community safety activities as part of this programme, activities must be clearly linked to addressing the community safety activities issues which have arisen as a result of living in a community with high levels of paramilitary activity, criminality and organised crime. The Contractor will be expected to start delivering the Contract in early July 2021 for an initial period of one year. There are options to extend the Contract by two further periods up to 31 March 2024, subject to need and satisfactory performance.
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2014/24/EU (Classic)
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98000000-Other community, social and personal services
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The Executive Office
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The Executive Office
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23/06/2021 14:00
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17/06/2021 17:00
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23/06/2021 14:30
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33 months
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90 days
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26/05/2021 09:41
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05/07/2021 14:25