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CfT: The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT): Regional Personal Transition programme for the Ex-Prisoner community in the Derry / Londonderry, Lurgan, North Belfast and West Belfast CIT Areas

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CPD - Supplies and Services Division
The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT): Regional Personal Transition programme for the Ex-Prisoner community in the Derry / Londonderry, Lurgan, North Belfast and West Belfast CIT Areas
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TEO is seeking to establish a Contract for the provision of Ex-Prisoner support programmes to support those who continue to face barriers to their full civic participation in the Derry / Londonderry, Lurgan, North Belfast and West Belfast CIT Areas. Annex A of the Specification provides maps of the designated CIT areas. It is envisioned that the Contractor will also operate in an ‘area of influence’ around the CIT Areas. The core area provides a focal point for action and investment. The concept of a wider area of influence, that is not sharply defined, acknowledges that building positive, resilient communities can sometimes require wider connection to both physical and social assets in neighbouring areas. Investment decisions and actions will be informed by the likely impact on core areas. The Contractor will develop and design the programme in a way that ensures it can be delivered in line with work already undertaken to date in the four CIT Areas as part of the CIT Project; paragraph 6.2 of the Specification provides further details. The Contractor’s programme must be co-designed through a participatory approach with the community and relevant stakeholders therefore they will need to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the community context, including the issues and needs facing the Ex-Prisoner community in the individual CIT Areas. It will also be essential for the Contractor to work collaboratively both in and with, all CIT Areas included in this Contract. It is envisaged that the Contractor will incorporate the following elements within their programme: Community Integration and Contribution and, Awareness Raising of Support Services and Advocacy for the Ex-Prisoner community and their families. Full details of the specific Contract requirements are provided for throughout the Specification of Requirements Schedule. Successful delivery of this Contract aims to: • Raise awareness of relevant support services available to the Ex-Prisoner community and their families; • Connect individuals from the Ex-Prisoner community and their families to relevant service providers to address their particular needs, through engagement and signposting activities; • Address the issues of isolation and marginalisation impacting the Ex-Prisoner community through building community understanding and acceptance; • Build relationships between the Ex-Prisoner community and other groups and sectors within the areas; and • Help counter the negative community narratives that can take hold within communities around the barriers that continue to exist for Ex-Prisoners. This narrative can contribute to continuing support for armed violence and paramilitary activity and can act as a negative influence particularly on young people. It is anticipated that the Contract will commence in early February 2021 and run until its successful completion which must be no later than 31 March 2022, subject to the Conditions outlined in paragraphs 5.1 – 5.3 of the Specification of Requirements Schedule.
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Other services
2014/24/EU (Classic)
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A Public Contract
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98000000-Other community, social and personal services
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The Executive Office
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21/01/2021 12:00
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15/01/2021 17:00
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21/01/2021 12:30
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14 months
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90 days
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09/12/2020 17:21
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05/03/2021 11:09