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CfT: Education Authority - Dynamic Shortlisting System - Mechanical Works Contractors (DSS4-MECH)

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Education Authority NI
Education Authority - Dynamic Shortlisting System - Mechanical Works Contractors (DSS4-MECH)
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Price/Cost Effectiveness
DESCRIPTION OF THE DYNAMIC SHORTLISTING SYSTEM (DSS) – MECHANICAL WORKS CONTRACTORS (DSS4-MECH). The application process is continuously open for applications hence the closing date of December 2030. There is purposely no Tender Structure created. CfT Documents are available for download. Completed applications are to be submitted in a zipped folder via the messaging system within this project. The purpose of this application is the establishment of a List of Mechanical Works Contractors capable of delivering a wide variety of construction related projects (CWPs) within the education sector throughout the Education Authority’s geographic area. This DSS is limited to CWPs with an estimated value below the EU Threshold. The DSS is open for applications and subsequently to applications for additional cost bands throughout the duration of the DSS. This DSS will have 3 Cost Bands as follows- Cost Band A – Projects with an estimated value of £0 - £30,000 Cost Band B – Projects with an estimated value of £30,001 - £500,000 and Cost Band C – Projects with an estimated value of £500,001 - £2,000,000. Contractors need only apply for the highest cost band they are interested in. Granting of a passport for a particular cost band automatically entitles that contactor to all lower value cost bands. EG – a successful application for Cost Band C grants a passport for bands A, B and C; a successful application for Cost Band B grants a passport for bands A and B. There is no limit to the number of cost bands an individual contractor can be granted a passport for. Once established those Economic Operators on the DSS will be randomly rotated. Expressions of interest requests will be issued to all Economic Operators for individual projects. A maximum of six Economic Operators will be invited to tender for individual or ‘bundles’ of Works projects based on their position on the rota in relation to all valid expressions of interest received. All Economic Operators invited to tender move to the bottom of the rota order prior to the publication of the next opportunity. See Document 1 – Memorandum of Information for full details on the operation of the system.
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2014/24/EU (Classic)
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A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
45351000-Mechanical engineering installation works
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Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
31/12/2030 15:00
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27/12/2030 15:00
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31/12/2030 15:30
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120 months
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90 days
Date of Publication/Invitation:
08/09/2020 15:52