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CfT: The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT): Health and Wellbeing Programme in the North Belfast CIT Area

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CPD - Supplies and Services Division
The Executive Office (TEO) Communities in Transition (CIT): Health and Wellbeing Programme in the North Belfast CIT Area
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TEO is seeking to appoint a Contractor for the provision of a Health and Wellbeing Programme in the North Belfast CIT Area. Annex A of the Specification of Requirements Schedule provide maps of the designated area. The Contractor will design and deliver a Health and Wellbeing programme that seeks to improve residents’ knowledge of the Health and Wellbeing services within the North Belfast CIT area. Through evidence of informed and effective practice, the Contractor will collate, develop and produce a guide of existing Health and Wellbeing services available in the area. The guide will be a working document from the outset of this programme and be developed as the different elements of the programme are delivered. The Contractor’s Health and Wellbeing programme will include the active participation of Volunteers from target Organisations / Groups / Individuals within the North Belfast CIT Area. Through adopting a coordinated approach to delivery, the Contractor will engage with the CIT Area community to recruit a minimum of 30 Community Champions and a minimum of 30 Befrienders to actively participate in their Health and Wellbeing programme. Tenderers shall be aware that an individual cannot play both roles therefore a minimum total of 60 volunteers must be recruited to the programme. Prior to carrying out any programme activities, the volunteers will need to have gained/attained a sufficient level of knowledge / training to perform their role; further details of the training requirements are provided for within the Specification of Requirements Schedule. With the assistance of the Community Champions and Befrienders, the Contractor will deliver a series of 6 bespoke activities / engagement events to increase local residents’ knowledge of health and wellbeing services available to them within their local area. Throughout the duration of the Contract, the Contractor through a participatory design approach will work to identify a number key issues in the CIT area, where issue specific interventions would be beneficial to such residents affected by the issues. Having identified the issues in the area, the Contractor, by the end of the Contract period, will have designed and delivered a minimum of four evidence based bespoke health and wellbeing intervention initiatives for the benefit of the community. The interventions must target participants in the North Belfast CIT Area, specifically those living within the target range of the North Belfast and the area of influence, ensuring a flexible and adaptable approach can be adopted to meet the needs of those targeted by them. The purpose of the intervention initiatives is multi-fold as outlined below: • To address underlying community and personal issues such as drug and alcohol misuse and addiction, poor health (physical and mental), debt and money worries, isolation, anti-social behaviour, which may be exploited by those seeking to sustain paramilitary activity, criminality and organised crime; • To work in partnership with statutory agencies; • To provide support for those wishing to move away from paramilitary criminal influences. The Contractor will be expected to start delivering the Contract in March 2020 and shall continue until its successful completion which must be no later than 31st March 2021.
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Health and social services
2014/24/EU (Classic)
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A Public Contract
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75200000-Provision of services to the community
98000000-Other community, social and personal services
85000000-Health and social work services
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The Executive Office
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The Executive Office
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14/02/2020 12:00
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10/02/2020 12:00
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14/02/2020 12:30
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12 months
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90 days
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15/01/2020 13:53
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25/02/2020 13:34