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Loughs Agency / Ghníomhaireacht na Lochanna /Factrie fur Loughs - Riparian Tree Planting, Fencing and Instream Works on Finn River Riparian Tree Planting, Fencing and Instream Works on Finn River between bridge at Killygordon and bridge at Liscooley, Finn Catchment, Co. Donegal: The works will take place between the bridge at Killygordon and the bridge at Liscooley in the Finn River Catchment, Co. Donegal. The works will include the installation of fencing on both banks of the river between the two bridges. Fencing will be a mix of sheep wire, double strand barbed wire and double strand electrified wire (exact lengths and locations given in Spec of Works document). Tree planting will be carried out in numerous areas along the stretch in the new riparian zone and will consist of a mix of approx. 5,663 native broadleaf trees. Two areas along the southern bank of the works area will require the embankment to be reinforced with clay/ gravel mix and planted with grass and trees to stabilise. High and dry gravel beds at several locations will be regrading using a riddle bar and woody material will be pinned in the river at 6 locations across the area. Finally, a small footbridge must be removed and replaced with a new structure for use by landowners and anglers to cross a stream at one location. Further information and link to tender documents are available in the attachment. 17/06/2022 Link 17.06.22.doc