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Black Memorial Hall - The Black Memorial Hall Committee - Shared Spaces and Services It is proposed to create a shared space specifically for sporting activities adjacent to and accessible from both local Primary Schools, currently a space exists which is used by a number of children as and when they wish however it is not fully useable or safe due to the configuration of the site with deep embankments along the sides. The space requires perimeter fencing and a suitable clean footpath surface for access to the area from the nearby public footpaths. Through the provision of new fencing and access it is considered that the space shall become a more inviting and useable space which shall encourage children throughout the community to utilise the space as a shared neutral area for sport and play; creating a more cohesive society within the underage section of this community. Tender documents and further details are available in the attached link. 16/02/2022 Link 16.02.22.doc