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Tender for Single Electricity Market (SEM) legal services The CRU and UR (collectively the Regulatory Authorities (“RAs")) jointly regulate the SEM through the SEMC. The SEMC was established by virtue of Section 8A Electricity Regulation Act 1999 as inserted by section 4 of the Electricity Regulation (Amendment) Act 2007, and Article 6 (1) of the Electricity (Single Wholesale Market) (Northern Ireland) Order 2007 to conduct trading in the wholesale electricity market in both Ireland and Northern Ireland on an All-Island basis. The forgoing legislation sets out the duties and powers of the SEMC. Both sets of legislation endeavour to achieve similar objectives for the SEM. Further information on the SEMC’s role and relevant legislation can be found on website, The RAs invite Tenders for the provision of appropriate legal services across a wide range of specialist areas relevant to the SEMC. The tender documents can be found at the link in the attachment. 14/12/2021 Link 14.12.21.doc