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RFT 170540 - Arney River Phase 1 - IVA5058/1 - Riparian works along the bank of the Arney River (1) Inland Fisheries Ireland wish to hire a suitably qualified contractor to complete the works as outlined below. The outline of the requirements are below A. To erect fencing along both banks of the Arney River at specified areas B. To plant tree saplings (approx. 900 saplings) between fence and river bank. To sew approx. 1kg of wildflower seed mixture between fence and river bank. C. To install 28 x livestock drinkers (plastic), laid on hard core material and connected to adjacent water supply. Supply, bury (at a depth of no less than 750mm) and connect water pipe to drinkers. Water piping for drinkers accumulates to approximately 2700m. Full details of the requirements and how to access relevant tender documents are available in the link. 03/06/2020 Link 03.06.20.doc