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CfT: ID 3836678 DAERA - Information Systems for Laboratories in AFBI, NIEA and DAERA (ISLAND)

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CPD - Supplies and Services Division
ID 3836678 DAERA - Information Systems for Laboratories in AFBI, NIEA and DAERA (ISLAND)
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Best Price-Quality Ratio
This procurement is for a public Cloud Hosted, Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for DAERA. This project will replace aging and disparate laboratory IT systems with a single, modern, joined up LIMS in 10 key laboratory areas. The solution will replace existing LIMS in 8 laboratory areas and provide new LIMS in a further 2 laboratory areas. The implementation period is to last no longer than 4 years. Implementation will involve a phased rollout of approximately 2 lab areas every 6 months. Prioritisation of rollout will be agreed with the Authority based on impact several factors, including business as usual and availability of laboratory areas. Implementation will include assisting in business transformation and design, training and the migration of minimum required LIMS data in an organised and secure manner for successful ‘day 1’ business operation. This includes ensuring the safety, accuracy (e.g. avoiding rounding) and integrity of the migrated data, formulating a migration plan and carrying out the migration in collaboration with the Authority. The Supplier may be required to assist the Authority to cleanse the data as part of the migration exercise. A Laboratory Science Data Enterprise solution will be developed in-house and is not covered by the scope of this project.
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Computer and related services
2014/24/EU (Classic)
Competitive with negotiation
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A Public Contract
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48100000-Industry specific software package
48000000-Software package and information systems
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Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs NI
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22/11/2021 15:00
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12/11/2021 00:00
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22/11/2021 15:30
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7 years
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120 days
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20/10/2021 16:54