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CfT: PSNI Supply and Delivery of Fingerprint Consumables (2019)
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Buyer Organisation:
CPD - Supplies and Services Division
PSNI Supply and Delivery of Fingerprint Consumables (2019)
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Price/Cost Effectiveness
The Fingerprint Bureau of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is based in the PSNI HQ site at Seapark, Carrickfergus. It has an operational laboratory whose aim is to examine articles from crime scenes in a bid to recover fingerprints, palmprints or footwear impressions. Various chemical processes are employed by Fingerprint Technicians during these examinations and various chemicals and specialist machinery are utilised. The Fingerprint Bureau needs to be kept fully stocked with all chemicals and general laboratory supplies to enable them to fully function at all times. As such a contract is required for the supply and delivery of all Fingerprint Consumable Supplies. The Fingerprint Bureau follow Home Office guidelines for the procedures they employ and for the chemicals (grades and manufacturers required as stipulated in goods requirement lists) and machinery they use. Specific grades of chemicals are required for most of the processes and it is imperative that these can be supplied as part of this contract. The Fingerprint Bureau operates to the Quality Standard ISO17025 and as such it is imperative that all consumables comply with the required standards.
Procurement Type:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
33696500-Laboratory reagents
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Publish on behalf of:
Police Service of Northern Ireland
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Above or Below OJEU Threshold:
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
06/03/2019 15:00
Deadline for dispatching invitations:
End of clarification period:
01/03/2019 17:00
Upload of documents within the clarifications:
Tenders Opening Date:
06/03/2019 15:30
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Lot Name(1)
Laboratory Equipment
Lot Name(2)
Chemicals and Solvents
Tenders For Lots:
Maximum Number of Lots
Maximum Number of Lots:
EU funding:
Multiple tenders will be accepted:
Contract duration in months or years, excluding extensions:
4 years
Validity of Tender in days or months:
90 days
Date of Publication/Invitation:
06/02/2019 11:06
Publication Date of Contract Award Notice:
09/07/2019 08:10
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