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CfT: ID 1652429 - DfE Project Stratum - Pre Market Engagement Exercise

Buyer Organisation:
CPD - Supplies and Services Division
ID 1652429 - DfE Project Stratum - Pre Market Engagement Exercise
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Evaluation Mechanism:
Best Price-Quality Ratio
DfE wishes to establish the level of market interest to inform the future procurement process for its initiative to improve broadband services across Northern Ireland through Project Stratum which aims to improve broadband infrastructure across Northern Ireland, in particular to provide access to high speed broadband services for those who cannot yet access such infrastructure. The Pre-Market Engagement Exercise is intended to help in the preparation of its Outline Business Case, inform the future procurement and its statement of requirements. The value of the contract is £75 million per year for 2 years to help provide ultra-fast broadband for Northern Ireland. As part of the planning for this procurement, the Department for Economy are inviting potential participants to complete the Pre-Market Engagement Questionnaire. Interested participants can access the Questionnaire in the CfT documents via the CfT Menu. Interested participants should complete the questionnaire and upload by 3.00pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018. Completed Questionnaires must be returned via the eTendersNI Messaging function as an attachment.
Procurement Type:
CPC Category:
Telecommunications services
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
32520000-Telecommunications cable and equipment
64200000-Telecommunications services
32412100-Telecommunications network
32412110-Internet network
32424000-Network infrastructure
32420000-Network equipment
32425000-Network operating system
32500000-Telecommunications equipment and supplies
32510000-Wireless telecommunications system
32521000-Telecommunications cable
32522000-Telecommunications equipment
32523000-Telecommunications facilities
32524000-Telecommunications system
32531000-Satellite communications equipment
32532000-Satellite dishes
32562200-Optical telecommunication cables
32570000-Communications equipment
32571000-Communications infrastructure
32572000-Communications cable
32572200-Communications cable with coaxial conductors
45232300-Construction and ancillary works for telephone and communication lines
45232332-Ancillary works for telecommunications
45232340-Mobile-telephone base-stations construction work
45231600-Construction work for communication lines
45314000-Installation of telecommunications equipment
45314300-Installation of cable infrastructure
45314310-Installation of cable laying
50330000-Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
50332000-Telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services
50334400-Communications system maintenance services
51300000-Installation services of communications equipment
64210000-Telephone and data transmission services
64227000-Integrated telecommunications services
65300000-Electricity distribution and related services
71316000-Telecommunication consultancy services
72220000-Systems and technical consultancy services
72222000-Information systems or technology strategic review and planning services
72315000-Data network management and support services
72400000-Internet services
72410000-Provider services
72411000-Internet service providers ISP
32530000-Satellite-related communications equipment
32562100-Optical-fibre cables for information transmission
32562300-Optical-fibre cables for data transmission
Contact Point:
Publish on behalf of:
Department for the Economy NI
Award per Item:
Inclusion of e-Auctions:
NUTS codes:
Estimated value (GBP):
Above or Below OJEU Threshold:
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
10/10/2018 15:00
End of clarification period:
09/10/2018 17:00
Upload of documents within the clarifications:
Tenders Opening Date:
10/10/2018 15:30
Allow suppliers to make an online Expression Of Interest:
Contract awarded in Lots:
EU funding:
Multiple tenders will be accepted:
Contract duration in months or years, excluding extensions:
6 months
Validity of Tender in days or months:
90 days
Date of Publication/Invitation:
19/09/2018 13:56